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At the City of Swan, we're committed to conducting our business with a 'can do' approach and have committed to a set of principles that guide our decisions in meeting a diverse range of expectations. Our aim is to build sustainable local communities to improve the quality of life within our City.

Our residents, businesses and visitors are important to us and we strive to provide a high standard of service at all times. Because we value our customers, we're committed to seeking the right employees with a range of different backgrounds, skills and experience to assist you.

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What Times are considered After Hours?
Weekdays after 5:00pm until 8:00 am - all times on weekends including public holidays.
When should I call the emergency number?
In the case of a genuine emergency please call the after hours number If you have previously registered a complaint with the City you may be instructed to call a special complaint number after hours.
What is a genuine after hours emergency?
Community safety issues including dogs, stock, parking, off-road vehicles and littering. Community Rangers are able to assist Monday to Sunday, 7am to 8pm. (examples of issues that should wait until business hours are failed bin collections, general enquiries).
Do you believe your neighbour's dog is barking excessively? (Not an emergency).
It's best to try and resolve the matter by talking about the problem with your neighbour in a friendly way. If you can't resolve it you can take the next step by reporting it to the City's Community Rangers during business hours. They will investigate and may advise the owner on how best to manage their dog's barking.
I have lost my dog. How do I find out if a Ranger has collected my pet?
The City of Swan Dog Pound is situated at: Julie's Boarding Kennels 12 Midas Road, Malaga Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 9am to 3pm Saturday, 9am to 12pm The City of Swan keeps impounded dogs for a minimum of 72 hours to allow time for owners to claim them. After this, dogs may be rehomed, sold or humanely put down. All impounded dogs are checked for registration and microchip identification on arrival.
How to keep your dog safe:
If your dog is registered and wears a registration tag, plus a disc showing your name and address, you should avoid the problem of losing your dog. Electronic microchip identification, available through your vet, is another effective option that is gaining popularity.