Emergency Telephone Numbers

Emergency - Dial 000

Tell the operator what you need - police, fire or ambulance. If you are calling from a mobile phone, you need to tell the operator the town and state you are calling from. Wait to be connected.

Text Emergency Call - Dial 106

People who use a TTY (teletypewriter) or computer with modem to access the telephone network can call emergency services via the National Relay Service.

This service is not available to people who do not rely on text-based communication.

Calls to 000 and 106 are free. Only ring 000 or 106 if you are seeking an emergency response from Police, Fire or Ambulance Services. When reporting an emergency by calling 000 or 106, the telephone number and address you are calling from may be given to the Emergency Service so they can respond quickly. This will occur even if there is a line or call block in place to prevent the display of the calling number to others. If you don't want the telephone number or address details passed on, you must call the Emergency number Service direct. The content of calls to 000 and 106 are recorded and may be disclosed in accordance with relevant legislation.