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Indigo Shire's building services team ensures that buildings are constructed and maintained to the relevant standards.
About Us

The planning permit and building permit systems operate under different legislation (The Planning & Environment Act 1987, and The Building Act 1993) and are two very different processes. Generally, planning is concerned with the land - the way it will be used and/or developed, whereas building is concerned with the actual construction - its quality and its safety. Planning permits are the approval of "what" you wish to do and "where" you want to do it. They give approval for the use and/or development of land for a specific proposal.

  • Planning permits are issued by local Councils.
  • Planning permits ensure the development complies with local and State Government regulations.
  • Planning permits give authorisation for a use or development on a particular piece of land.
  • Building permits authorise the construction or alteration of a building/S, focusing on its structural safety and amenity.
  • Building Permits are issued by local Councils or a private building surveyor.
  • Building permits approve and allow building projects to proceed.
  • Building permits ensure the building regulations are followed.
  • Building permits ensure key structural stages of the project are independently inspected. 

When both a planning permit and a building permit are required for a proposal, then the planning permit must be approved and issued before the building permit can be. The building permit must be consistent with the planning permit. Please contact a member of the Planning team or Building team if you are unsure about the permits you require.

What We Do

Council carries out a wide range of activities within the community to keep residents safe, healthy and happy:

  • Issue planning and building permits
  • Police local laws covering domestic animals
  • Enforce parking regulations
  • Construction of roads, parks and footpaths
  • Parks and gardens maintenance
  • Sport and recreation planning
  • Co-ordinate garbage and recycling collection
  • Community services such as maternal and child health, libraries, transport, the community directory, meals and wheels, aged services and services for youth.

In this section, you will find a wide range of information and legislation. If you cannot find what you are looking for, or require more information, please Contact Council.

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