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210 Brisbane Street, Beaudesert QLD 4285

PO Box 189 Beaudesert QLD 4285
About Us

Wongaburra was created as a caring gesture by the people of Beaudesert to enable the elderly to stay and live within their community. Although Beaudesert is being encroached on two sides by Queensland's largest cities, Brisbane & the Gold Coast, the community maintains the friendly & compassionate spirit that rural Australia is famous for & Wongaburra is the embodiment of true community spirit.

About Us

So, why is Wongaburra a representation of the community sprit? Because it was born through the hard work and generosity of the people of Beaudesert. In 1965 the Beaudesert Chamber o Commerce proposed the development of a nursing home to serve the elderly of the shire. The proposal immediately attracted the support of the community and within 5 years the Wongaburra Garden Settlement was a reality.

Wongaburra has since evolved into a highly sophisticated centre for aged care, not only offering residential care but so much more. Today, thanks to the diverse services offered by Wongaburra, the life-style choices are many for the elderly of the community.

Residential Care

The focus of the Wongaburra Residential Care facility is quality of life. Residents enjoy a wide range of entertainment and activities while highly qualified nursing staff monitor residents health care needs.

Ageing in place provides the integrated medical support enables the facility to provide for residents with a wide range of debilitating illnesses. Beds fro respite care are also available to relieve the burden for home carers.

Extra Services

To enhance the choices available to residents, Wongaburra now offers a 16 bed wing for the provision of Extra Services. While residents still enjoy all that Wongaburra has to offer, Extra Services offers a range of quality accommodation and furnishing choices, superior dining and meal choices and an enhanced life-style through special interests activities and attention to individuality.


FOLKS is a program that has been developed to support the carers and their loved ones throughout the shire. FOLKS is and evening respite service that enables families or carers to enjoy some free time while loved ones or clients are cared for and entertained in a safe, home-like environment. This service provides a great social outing for those who are cared for at home.