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CHS Solar provide installation services for Horsham, Hamilton, Geelong and surrounding regions. If you are unsure if we do installations in your region, please feel free to contact us.

About Us

Established in 1962 the CHS Group has a proud history of providing outstanding Electrical Contracting Services to major clients Australia wide.

Along with the emergence of the renewable energy industry we have developed a keen interest in providing our clients with solutions to their ever increasing energy costs, and as a result CHS Solar was created to focus on this important sector.

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  • Australia wide wholesale supplies of Solar kits and parts direct from our large distribution centre, conveniently located on Victoria's Western Highway.

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What size solar power system should I select?
The primary answer is, how much energy do you wish to produce to offset your consumption. You must also take into account how much unshaded roof area is available where you wish to install. Using your electricity bill, you can calculate your average consumption, and by subtracting the average energy produced by your solar system, the amount you can save may be calculated. CHS Solar can provide you with a professional bill analysis on or before the purchase of our Solar Kits.
What is an inverter and what inverter do we supply in our systems?
Solar Panels produce DC electricity, whereas household appliances, and the electricity grid use AC electricity. The purpose of an inverter is to transform the DC electricity into AC electricity. To convert the electricity, takes energy in itself. How efficient an inverter is, is measured by wattage in versus wattage out. an inverter of 85% efficiency will produce 10% less energy than one with 95% efficiency.
What will happen to my existing power meter at home?
If you have a traditional accumulation meter (with a spinning disk) this will need to be replaced with an interval meter or a smart meter. This is because an accumulation meter does not record the energy you export to the grid or the electricity you import from the grid. An interval or smart meter provides half hourly readings of the electricity you consume and the surplus electricity you produce.
What happens after my solar power has been installed at home?
After your solar power system has been installed you will need to contact your electricity retailer to opt into a feed-in tariff and organise an accredited utility electrician to change your meter over if required and connect the meter to the grid. A CHS Solar representative can help you through this process after purchase.
What are the requirements for the grid application?
After your system is installed by CHS Solar, you will be required to sign the Solar Grid connection application. CHS Solar will then forward all relevant details onto your power network provider.
How will I know if the solar power system is performing to its maximum potential on a daily basis?
From the LCD on your inverter, several statistics may be read, including PV voltage, AC voltage, frequency, working time, total power and so on.
Why is there a difference between my inverters reading and the meter reading?
The electricity meter is a calibrated instrument that is approved by the Australian National Measurement Institute and provides the reading used to calculate your electricity bill. The difference between the energy displayed on the inverter and the electricity meter can be in the range of +/- 10%.
How long will it be before I see credits on my electricity bill?
It could be up to 2 months after the meter has been installed by your energy network provider. You will still be credited but you may not see the credits until your second bill depending on the billing period. This outcome can also vary depending on your system selection and power usage for that period.
How can I be ensured your products are of good quality?
CHS Solar prides itself on quality. All components we use, meet all applicable Australian Standards, and are approved by the Clean Energy Council. Additionally, we do not take chances with product quality. We send trained Engineers to inspect the production line, and quality control of all products we use, to ensure they are truly as stated, and meet or exceed our expectations. This gives both CHS Solar as providers, and you as the Consumer a level of confidence not otherwise possible.
Do we provide warranties with our solar power products?
All CP Solar panels have a 25 year efficiency warranty (20 years at 90% efficiency and 25 years at 80% efficiency) and a 10 year manufacturing warranty. Growatt Inverters also have a market leading 10 year warranty.