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About Us

Transformer engineering and manufacturing has been the business of Wilson Transformer Company since it was founded by my father the late Jack Wilson, in 1933. From the beginning, the Company has been dedicated to understanding its customers needs and delivering them consistently. We have earned an enviable international reputation for quality, reliability and service.

We are continually enhancing our products to achieve superior lifetime performance and competitiveness. The reliability of our products is legendary and we guard this reputation fiercely.

About Us

Wilson Transformer Company is a leading Australian manufacturer of power and distribution transformers. By working collaboratively with our customers, using our unique experience and know-how in engineering, manufacturing and logistics, we innovate and propose original solutions to satisfy transformer and company substation needs.

As a transformer supplier, advisor and problem solver, we are an invaluable resource for our customers.

Wilson Transformer Company provides total solutions designed for today’s business environment, which increasingly requires supply chain management, predictive management and condition-based maintenance. We are flexible in our approach..

Power Business Unit

The Head Office and Power Transformer manufacturing plant of Wilson Transformer Company are located on a four-hectare site in Glen Waverley, 20 km east of Melbourne’s CBD.

The Glen Waverley plant designs and manufactures generator, substation and auto transformers up to 250 MVA 362 kV, traction (both track-side and on-board locomotive) and other speciality transformers.

Each transformer can be fitted with a conventional relay-based control and monitoring system or alternatively with the Dynamic Ratings DRMCC System.

Electrical design is completed using software ranging from the tender optimization program to sophisticated finite element modelling (FEM) computer programs.

Distribution Business Unit

Wilson Transformer Company produces standard and customised distribution transformers and compact substations at our Wodonga plant up to 5000 kVA, at voltages up to 72 kV.

The plant has been laid out to enhance a continuous flow of production processes in accordance with our lean manufacturing philosophy.

The floor space comprises approx. 8000m2 and is divided into three main sections namely, core, winding and assembly; tank fabrication; and tanking, testing, finishing and padmount assembly.


At Wilson Transformer Company, we specialise in the management and service of transformers from the first stages of design right through the transformers life.

Our focus is on a total life approach to maintenance practices that lower maintenance costs and increase reliability. Our dedicated Services unit offers a variety of services including:

  • New Transformer installations and assembly

On-site or factory based:

  • Bushing & component replacement
  • Condition Assessment
  • Conservator oil preservation systems
  • Conversion from or to cable connection
  • Distribution transformer maintenance
  • Maintenance
  • OLTC Service, maintenance or replacement including motor drives, filter and control systems
  • On load tap changer replacement & maintenance
  • Refurbishment