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In the late 60's Canberra was burgeoning new city with an acute shortage of housing. With demand outstripping supply developers of the period were more than satisfied to adopt a rubber stamp approach to home design.

It was at this time that the Willemsen Corporation was founded by Gary Willemsen and his Father with the simple idea of bringing innovative and exciting architecture to Residential housing in Canberra. 35 years later with interests stretching the Eastern seaboard of Australia that desire is even stronger than the day the company was founded.


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Comprising some of the leading buildings in Canberra our comprehensive range of commercial properties are classed from premium A grade, to semi industrial C grade, all of which are located on landmark sites.

The Willemsen Property point of difference is our unrivalled customer commitment, every member of our dedicated team of skilled maintenance employees and contractors are focused on ensuring that each customers obtains maximum enjoyment and productivity from their premises.

A policy of upgrade and improvement is self-evident on inspection of our properties and is essential to ensuring that our properties continue to be at the forefront of the market.

Willemsen Design

We started out building homes more than 30 years ago with the sole purpose of creating homes for people, that where different and effected people's lives in positive ways.

Our strength came from our willingness to innovate and relate to our customers. Through hard work and integrity we built a reputation that 3 decades later we proudly stand by. Reflecting our principal beliefs that form follows function, and simplicity is the essence of good design our architecture has always stood out.

Today we strive forward with the same philosophy, and although now much larger we have the same level of passion, energy and involvement in each development we have always had.

It is these qualities that ultimately make a Willemsen Design development different and level above the competition.


The New Griffin

The Griffin All Suite Hotel is one of the finest hotels Canberra has to offer. You will find modern, unique design, unparalleled service and comfort throughout.

Our guests' schedules may vary but The Griffin's never will. Our staffs are always poised to please. We have created the finest in suite style accommodation, a personal sanctuary in which to rest and relax with everything at your fingertips. An urban oasis, consider it yours exclusively. Experience the seamless blend of quality and comfort The Griffin offers.