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Watson & Watson Lawyers is a Sydney based Law firm that specialises in Building & Construction Law and Family Law matters. Based in the heart of the Sydney CBD, our team of experienced lawyers and solicitors deliver professional and affordable legal services by achieving commercial results in a timely and practical manner.

Watson & Watson's legal expertise encompasses:

Our Motto

Our motto is "Only for death is there no solution."

We would guess you're not browsing these pages because you're short of something to read. You're here for two possible reasons:

One is you've been presented with let's say, a building contract to sign, and been smart enough to seek advice. Good: many disputes have their origins even at this stage.

It's surprising how many people, when presented with a contract and told, "It's a standard thing," meekly comply. The trouble is, there are probably twenty-seven so-called 'standard' building contracts.

To sign one of the biggest legal decisions of your life at the urging of, say, your architect, is the equivalent of letting your lawyer do your house design. (And even we aren't that presumptuous)


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