Business Summary
We are proud to be able to provide a large range of quality products. If you are concerned about the taste or quality of your water, the only practical solution is a water purifier in your home. Many different types of water purifiers-filters are available. Depending on the source of your water - the right filter must be selected for your needs.
About Us

We stock, Sale and service: Aqua pure, Nature's spring, Pozzani, Puretec, Stefani, Waterco, Aqua health, Brita, Raindance, Shower master, Testa, Replacement cartridges, Aqua cooler coolers and filter bottles, Water analysis, Food service equipment, Home - office pure water systems: Whole house systems, Filters, Purifiers, Reverse osmosis, under sink, Travel filters.


  • Whole House Systems
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Benchtop Units
  • Under Sink models
  • Remove Dirt, Bacteria & Chemicals
  • Ceramic filters