About Us

Warrina Services receives funding from the National Disability Insurance Agency, Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services and Queensland Health to provide supports to people who have a disability and people who have experienced mental illness to support their personal recovery. As a client directed service our model of care is to provide individualised responses to peoples’ needs that enable them to have fulfilling lives; to overcome their disability and access the community activities and services that we all enjoy. We encourage clients to assume increasing levels of responsibility and to explore different opportunities and experiences. Our clients want services and supports that respond flexibly to their lives. To facilitate greater client choice and control we have engaged a professional and dedicated workforce that have a clear understanding of their role and a willingness to provide supports as required; be that on a weekend to watch the football, late in the evening to attend a social event or early morning to get to gym.

Warrina Services registered as a Co-operative on 1 December 1986. In the early days, interested community members arranged social activities for people with a disability including; fishing trips, Saturday night gatherings at 143 Russell Street Toowoomba and a monthly folk club. There was also a fund raising component with raffles, quiz nights and walkathons to self-support Warrina’s activities. Since then the organisation has promoted and supported many community projects and programs for people with a disability. Notably, in 1992 Warrina Services identified a need for increased employment opportunities and established Personnel West Employment which went on to be an entity in its own right. In 1994 the service gained State Government funding to provide assistance to people with disabilities wanting to live in their own homes.

The service steadily grew and in 1997 we introduced specialist support for people with a mental illness. Under this program we have seen the lives of people transformed as they have moved from mental health facilities into their own homes. Initially people have required intensive daily support but over time our clients have become more independent; accessing social activities, participating in training and work and forming relationships. Our mental health services have grown and we now provide, early intervention support, coordination and care during acute phases of mental illness and recovery supports.