Unit 7/ 45 Pearson Street, Wagga Wagga NSW 2650

Business Summary
Commercial Cleaning Supplies (For Glad-Rags)
About Us

Wagga Cleaning Rag are your first call for quality cleaning cloths and rags. We offer a range of cloths suitable for use in all industries. Our cloths are perfect for every day household use, as well as in commercial and industrial settings. Our cotton rags are our perfect multipurpose cloth, but are particularly useful for mechanics and other tradespeople. Our white rags are ideal for shop fitters and electricians. Our flannelette rags are perfect for all your polishing needs, and our low lint premium rags are created for use in schools, hospitals and restaurants.

What We Do

Cotton and White Rags

Our mixed cotton rag bags are created from light cotton t-shirt. These style of rags are absorbent and can be used for many purposes around the home or workplace. Our mixed cotton rags are ideal for household use, as well as for mechanics and tradespeople. Our mixed white rags are made from sheeting, towels are blankets, and are perfect for carpenters, marine workers and kitchen fabricators.

Flannelette and Premium Rags

Our flannelette rags are similar to your warm flannelette pyjamas or sheets. They are absolutely ideal for polishing, and car detailers will find many uses for this style of rag. 

Our premium rags are low lint and high absorbency. This style of rag is ideal for the hospitality and emergency services industries, as well as schools.