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At Varria we believe that when people understand the characteristics that define wealth, real wealth, they can see the path to personal happiness with wealth.
About Us

“Wealth is a journey, not a destination ”When it comes to financial planning, many people see wealth as a destination. However, wealth is not one thing.

It’s not money in the bank. It’s not the size of the house that you own. It’s not where you go for holidays.

Wealth is personal. 
Wealth is a state of mind. 
Wealth is making the financial decisions that free you from daily anxiety about money.

Varria works with you to make the great decisions that will help you to feel wealthy. Everyday.

Our approach

We are personal financial architects.

Everything we do is personally connected to your unique world.

Starting with your personal financial position and objectives, we work with you to establish the financial disciplines that are the drivers of true wealth.

Taking into account your individual circumstances and your unique goals, we design a comprehensive financial plan - a personal blue print - that will guide us as we secure your financial position now and build your future wealth.

The key to our success as your personal financial architect is in how we work with you to plan and construct your wealth.

“Happiness does not come from the financial roof over your head; it comes from the sound foundation that it stands on.”