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About Us

Originally incorporated in 1968 Tropic Distributors Pty Ltd (Tropic) has been involved in the fuel industry in North Queensland for nearly forty years. A wholly owned local company Tropic is a Caltex Fuel Distributor engaged in wholesale and retail sales and distribution of bulk fuels and lubricants

With a current fleet of 15 tankers operating from our depot in Archer Street South Townsville Tropic provides a timely, cost effective solution to all your fuel and lubricants needs. Tropic also provides a machine fill service that can deliver fuel directly to plant and machinery working in the field thus eliminating the need of bulk storage facilities at work sites.

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Bulk Fuel Distribution Service

Fuel Distribution - Machine Filling

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Lube Warehouse

Trucking Diesel

EzyServe 24hr Fuel

E10 Unleaded

E10 Unleaded contains 10% ethanol. a renewable non-fossil fuel. The ethanol is made from molasses, a by product of Queensland sugar manufacturing. Use of ethanol by Caltex provides a valuable source of income and helps secure jobs in regional and rural Queensland.

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