Business Summary
Toorak College is an independent school which welcome girls and boys from Early Learning Centre to Year 4, with a girl only Middle and Senior school providing every girl with opportunities for leadership, participation and voice.
About Us

Toorak College provides the best possible educational start to your child's future. We welcome girls and boys from 3-year-old pre-school to Year 4. Our Early Learning Centre provides an environment where children learn through play, exploration and discovery.

Wardle House, our Junior School, is so much more than a primary school. We place an emphasis on a child's holistic development as influenced by Reggio Emilia practices and the PYP-IB curriculum, with a focus on the development of core skills. We encourage each student's sense of wonder and inquiry with an emphasis on their emotional and social development.

Our all-girl approach to middle schooling in Years 5 to 8 provides every girl with opportunities for leadership, participation and voice. We provide innovative learning opportunities that encourage self-reflection, risk taking and confidence building. Girls’ schools are ideally positioned to educate, inspire and nurture the young women of today who will be the leaders of tomorrow. Girls excel in a girls’ school.

Year 9 opens a door to the future. As part of our peak experience program, girls participate in Beyond Boundaries and engage in practical service and community learning experiences. Travel and global connections allow each girl to consolidate her skills and acquire knowledge for future learning.

Throughout Years 9 to 12, students develop analytical, innovative, entrepreneurial and creative skills required for life-long learning and foster each individual's self-belief, passion, pride and integrity.