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  • Womans Information Resources & Education On Drugs & Dependency

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Business Summary
Toora Women Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation supporting women with complex issues who have experienced past or present traumas.
About Us

Our Mission

Toora Women Inc. has a central goal of the empowerment of women through the provision of accommodation, treatment, and related support services. The mission of Toora Women Inc. is: 'Safety, Respect and Choices for Women'.

Feminist principles

Toora Women Inc. is built on a feminist understanding of how to work with women. Toora Women Inc. began as part of the feminist response to the lack of services and support for women, and has continued to emphasise the importance of a sense of community, and workers as peer mentors.

The overarching principle of Toora Inc’s treatment models are that each women needs targeted care created for her, and that Toora Women Inc. will work with the women where she is at. This recognises that complex trauma and comorbidity often result in cycling in and out of crisis. Toora Women Inc. recognises the full spectrum of women’s experiences, and is particularly mindful of feminisation of poverty that further disadvantages women and can lead to homelessness.

Gendered Approach

Toora Women Inc. takes a gender specific approach to look at different best practice principles and create treatment models that best support the service users. The gendered approach is a way of looking at information that identifies and analyses the similarities in conditions, situations, needs and priorities between men and women. Workers are trained in feminist and gender-sensitive analysis, to look at what issues are different for women and what is proven to work best for women. Toora Women Inc’s treatment models are guided by the organisation philosophy and the lived experience and expertise of the workers.

Working within a gender specific framework strengthens Toora Inc. services, all of which are targeted at vulnerable people in the community. This is acknowledged by International organisations; Australia’s national and local governments; and national and local support agencies. All of Toora Women Inc’s services are run by women to support women, understanding that social and political barriers faced by women mean that women may not get adequate treatment and support in mainstream services. By providing a gender specific environment Toora Women Inc. allows for open discussion regarding the complexity of women’s lives.

Cultural Safety

Toora Women Inc. is committed to providing an environment free of racism that promotes equality and respect for all people. Toora Women Inc. recognises that there are particular challenges faced by Indigenous women and those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Toora is dedicated to creating a safe space for women where race, culture and other differences are respected and valued. This culture of safety is created by empowering women to make their own informed decisions in the context of their nationality, culture, sexuality, gender, age, politics and religious beliefs. This is further enhanced by providing services that are flexible, and advocate for resources and expertise that are culturally specific.

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