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About Us
Who We Are

Tollchem Pty Ltd is a manufacturer of solvent-based, aqueous and solvent-free resins, varnishes, paints and colour concentrates. We also manufacture solvent free colour dispersions and printing inks which are cured by the use of Ultra-Violet (UV) light or Electron Beam (EB).

As a Toll manufacturer we produce products for distributors according to their requirements or specifications. These products are nearly always supplied with the customer's own labels affixed.


Products and Services

Tollchem has three principal areas of manufacture & sales:

1. Floor Coatings

2. Toll products

Why Us?

Do you need

  • high performance coatings?
  • speciality inks?
  • product development?
  • process optimisation?

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Where Can We Buy Your Products?

Our products can be obtained from the following distributors:

Floor Coatings:

Premium Cork & Timber Pty Ltd

TEL: (02) 9982-3777

UV Inks and Varnishes:

Prismatic Inks

TEL: (02) 9729 1929

Packaging Inks Pty Ltd

TEL: (02) 9624-8222