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  • Karen Thorogood
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SEO Consultant with proven success to get your business website moving Through The Ranks of Google, generating leads and revenue.
About Us

Through the Ranks is actually me, Karen Thorogood and the contacts and resources that I have which enable me to operate professional SEO business. I am an independent sole proprietor specialised in providing SEO for small to medium sized businesses in Brisbane.

My Skills and Abilities

There are numerous items a good SEO professional needs to know about such as alt tags, SEO titles, meta descriptions, internal linking, high PR back links, keyword research, content and blog writing, social media etc. However, this knowledge needs to employed using specific SEO skills such as the ability to analyse statistics; to spot market opportunities; strong research capabilities; an eye for detail and accuracy; a feel for business trends and growth; excellent targeted content writing abilities and more… I have plenty of SEO knowledge but equally as important I have the specific SEO skills through my previous career. I continue to build on these skills and attributes in my current SEO business. Having these skills allows me to be extremely effective in employing SEO techniques enabling websites to move through the search engine ranks.

My Previous Life

In my previous life prior to SEO I gained years and years of experience analysing data, problem solving, report writing and business and market assessment. Using these skills and the SEO knowledge that I have, I guarantee you that your website will be in capable, professional SEO hands. My success in SEO is demonstrated by this case study.

Before moving into SEO I had a career in research, assessment and consulting in relation to (mostly) shopping centre developments and extensions. In this work I would analyse market trends, statistical data, forecast turnover data and advise clients on the timing, size and performance of proposed developments. I worked for a number of private property market consulting companies (BIS Shrapnel, Norling Consulting and PLI). I also worked for Caltex in their head office in Sydney researching a specific retail development proposal they wished to investigate.

These skills and experiences are highly relevant to SEO allowing me to analyse competition for your website, your market and the statistical results I obtain from various SEO tools that I use. In fact, I am better at SEO than I was at Property Consulting. I also enjoy it far, far more. My experience in report writing and researching are invaluable to SEO allowing me to efficiently find targeted information and use that information to write pages and blogs for your website.

Passionate and Dedicated

I am in fact over the top passionate about SEO – about getting businesses to grow through generating business leads which occurs when I get your website to rank high on the Google search results. I am continuing to grow my business, but sometimes I have to turn down clients as I am passionate about each and every one of my clients. I will not compromise the work that I do for them by taking on too many clients. You can therefore be guaranteed that my passion and dedication will be applied to my dealings with your business.

Due to the potential of conflict of interest I also do not take on more than one client within a specific industry and within the same geographical market.

Through The Ranks – About Karen Thorogood

I also have contacts within the industry that I can approach on your behalf (with your approval) for specific work such as web design, YouTube videos, image design, website troubleshooting, WordPress experts etc.

I also work closely with Georgie Hope from Fruitful Online. Georgie is also an independent SEO business and we both have complementary SEO skills.

I keep up-to-date regarding Google Webmaster requirements and trends in SEO and use only white hat SEO in all the work that I do.

Please feel free to give me a call to discuss your particular business and goals and how I may be able to assist you. I work long hours but prefer calls during normal business hours 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday if possible.

I love talking to business owners about their industry, challenges etc., so please call me on 0411 403 511

My ‘Office’

I work from home, on the top deck of our house in Coorparoo– and this is the view that I would enjoy if I wasn’t so glued to the computer screen! No wonder I love my work…