The Royals - Surry Hills

The most interested agency in the world
Business Summary
We live by our #mostinterested ethos which drives us to look beyond the obvious, to dig deeper and interrogate every creative and commercial opportunity put before us. By populating the agency with hungry minds and big hearts, we've created a culture of always-on learning and deeply-entrenched curiosity. We work and thrive at the constantly-mutating intersection of culture and commerce. Our insatiable appetite to know more about our client's businesses, goals and ambitions allows us foster a type of creative work that creates cultural currency in the lives of consumers. This is why being the Most Interested Agency in the World matters. We are a bunch of thinkers and tinkerers, creatives and coders, hustlers and hackers who love hearing from interesting, and interested, people.
About Us

The Royals’ philosophy is this – we think marketers need an agency partner that is stocked with minds continually researching, learning, experimenting, trying things. An agency fuelled by passion and curiosity.

We want to know as much about our clients’ business as humanly possible. We aim to understand all the problems and all the opportunities.

This insatiable appetite to know more is the basis for our desire to be ‘the most interested agency in the world’. We believe that if we’re perpetually curious and interested, we can create the kind of work that has the right impact on consumers.

What We Do

We specialise in strategy, creative, technology, social, media, production and R&D projects. We make intellectual property for adventurous brands and ourselves. Importantly, we’re in the business of creating cultural capital. Put simply, we ensure that everything we create for our clients’ brands and products is impacting culture in a positive way, and in exchange people give us their attention.

The Royals was started to address a gap in the advertising and communications market – between large multinational agencies focused on making big budget ads, and the smaller digital specialists that are more capable of executing ideas in digital channels. We’ve built The Royals to be a digitally integrated creative business for modern clients.

At A Glance
We are the most interested agency in the world
In the business of creating cultural currency
We are an agency fuelled by passion and curiosity
Notable Achievements
Ranked 74 on Fast 100 list of fastest growing companies
Received silver and bronze at Spikes Asia
Finalist at the Effies, BE Fest & ADMA AC&E Awards