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Raising the Bar in Facilities Management & Concierge Services

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About Us
About Us

We specialise in Corporate Facilities Management & Concierge Services. Our team can demonstrate their expertise and capabilities in the establishment & ongoing management & maintenance of multi storey high rise residential apartment properties.

Our vision is to raise the bar & heighten standards in the facilities management sector. We offer a wide range of Asset & Facilities Management Services.

We are flexible & pride ourselves in being able to devise & deliver a single service or a combined service package to suit individual customer needs. T & M is committed to quality assured systems & procedures. The Facilities Manager appointed to assist in the delivery of any contract service will hold full Australian qualifications in addition to a minimum 5 years FM experience.

Concierge & Resident Services

The Concierge team is fundamental to the smooth operation and well-being of residents.

The Concierge is the first point of contact for visitors to the building; they present the "public face" to visitors and it is therefore important that a positive first impression is conveyed, and subsequent dealings provide a high level of service.


  • Ensure a high level of personal service to residents & visitors
  • Ensure smooth & stable operation of concierge & security service
  • Maintain loyalty of the concierge personnel to the buildings community
  • Ensure high level of security at the site is maintained at all times
  • Ensure ongoing & continuous improvement of the service over time
  • Ensure retention of excellent concierge personnel

Facilities & Building Management

We aim to:

  • Create an outstanding, well run, home for the residents
  • Maximize owners' property values
  • Manage the property & Owners Corporation funds in a prudent, financially responsible & accountable manner

Strategic Management Services

  • Prepare budgets
  • Update strategic plans, 10 year asset management plan
  • Annual audits
  • Maintain documentation
  • Establish & maintain relevant registers

  • Capital works co-ordination services
  • Long term asset maintenance planning
  • Building & Asset management services
  • Contract management services
  • OH&S Management and Audits
  • Contractor compliance
  • QA (Quality Assurance)
  • Engineering Support

Handyman Services including:

  • General Maintenance/Repairs
  • Gyprock repairs/replacement
  • Lighting replacement
  • Lock Repairs
  • Painting
  • Window, door & sliding door repairs

The Right People

Our team has considerable strength, innovative culture & corporate experience which means we can provide the support needed to achieve the desired outcomes & drive continuous improvement in Building Management, Concierge & support services delivery. Our dedicated staff can provide the 24 hour, 365 days responsive service.

The Right People

Qualified facilities managers and concierge staff have the skills & expertise to ensure familiarity with the building & specific requirements of all Contracts.

We employ additional personnel to cover holiday, sick relief & admin support to ensure a prompt, reliable & client focused Service. We aim to deliver a value for money service & high client satisfaction.


Commercial & Residential Properties Managed By T & M