About Us
Welcome To the Sunshine Coast's Thai Boxing Gym

The Sunshine Coast Thai Boxing Centre is situated on Queensland's beautiful Sunshine Coast & was established in 1994 by head trainer and owner, Joe Hilton. The centre has a fully equipped gym and boxing ring with a full range of mechanical gym machines as well as free weights.

Our friendly staff are happy to assist you in all your fitness needs. Joe has trained some of the world's best fighters including some world champions and is happy to pass on his experience.


To all Businesses

Is your boss or business interested in sponsoring our next fight show? We are also interested in hearing from prospective sponsors for future events. Please contact Joe or Sharon for further details.


Below are our current trainers. Feel free to click on each name for more information!

  • Joe Hilton
  • Frank Watkins
  • Clayton "Bully" Bull
  • Brodie Stalder

We have many current fighters, belt winners and champions at the Sunshine Coast Thai Boxing Centre.


Please click on the following for more information on our classes:

  • Thai Boxing
  • Aerobics
If you have any further queries, then please contact us today and we will be happy to help!