About Us

Based in Inverell, NSW, our proximity to some of the best and most consistent farming areas in Australia. Our strength in logistics, sees consumers depend on Stewarts when looking for quality, volume and continuity of supply. Stewarts Grain Trading has been serving growers, end users, and exporters across the Eastern States of Australia for more than 20 years.

What We Do

Working the land has long been a valued and important part of Australian life. At Stewarts Grain Trading we combine old-fashioned values with modern execution and pricing. With a reputation based on combining best prices with a willingness to ensure timely execution, it is no wonder that growers and customers alike consistently rely on Stewarts Grain to get the job done. The nature of cropping, and the unpredictability of the Australian weather, places huge demands on those charged with moving grain. Fortunately, having our own fleet of trucks allows us to ensure prompt and flexible delivery, without depending on unreliable third parties.

At A Glance
A knowledgeable and Experienced Team
Competitive Prices
Dependable and Professional Grain Traders