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About Us

In the middle of the 1930s, my grandfather Honess Baggs, moved to Bairnsdale to do survey work with the Civil Construction Corp. Honess, who was a builder by trade, began making coffins and conducting funerals with G.H. Vickers, funeral directors.

He later worked for Holford and Craig funeral directors and then Williams and Lee funeral directors before he and my father Buffy went into business for themselves in 1962. 2014 marks 80 years of my family conducting funerals across the Gippsland region. - Stephen Baggs.

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Services We Offer

Our freshly renovated funeral chapel is located on the Princes Highway at 613 Main Street Bairnsdale. We have a large off-street parking area behind the chapel with an exit leading out into Mill Street. Since moving into our Main Street premises in 2008, we have worked at renovating and upgrading our facilities.

The final phase, doubling the floor area of the chapel and offices was completed in February 2014.We have improved access to the building and expanded the seating capacity in the chapel to over 200 people and we can accommodate several hundred more standing at the back and sides of the chapel.

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Prepaid Funerals

Planning Your Funeral

Prepaid Funerals

There are many reasons people prepay their funeral service. For many, it’s the peace of mind of having everything organized. There are other advantages. A prepaid funeral service enables you to hedge against inflation, while providing an investment that is safe and government guaranteed.

When we plan a prepaid funeral service, we arrange it in the same way we would arrange a funeral service that is required today. We explain all your choices and discuss with you fully what you would like to have included in your funeral service.

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Why Choose Us?

The death of someone close to us can be a very difficult time. If you haven't experienced it before, knowing where to get useful information may make things a little easier. I hope our site can be that helpful source of information for you. The site carries the details of current and recent funeral services we are conducting.

There is general information about funeral service, pre-arranging your funeral and a few other useful resources. If you can't find the information you are looking for, please call or email us with your query. Press the 'Contact Us' button for further details.

Stephen Baggs.