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A large number of the refugees coming to Australia have been exposed to traumatic events, and most will have experienced multiple traumas, including war and violence, deprivation, and the death or disappearance of loved ones. Many will also have been subjected to torture or severe human rights violations. The physical consequences of torture and trauma are many, ranging from chronic pain to heart problems. Despite the amazing resilience of refugees and the many contributions they make to Australian society, they will often need specialised assistance to overcome the effects of their experiences. With some help, torture and trauma survivors are more likely to live fruitful and fulfilling lives.

Who does STARTTS help?
STARTTS helps people from refugee backgrounds, including asylum seekers, who were forced to leave their country due to persecution in the context of political conflict, organised violence and human rights violations.
What age groups does STARTTS help?
STARTTS helps people of all ages, from early childhood to older people from refugee backgrounds.
Does it matter when or how the client came to Australia?
STARTTS helps all people from refugee backgrounds no matter when or how they arrived in Australia.
How much do services cost?
All STARTTS services to clients from refugee backgrounds are free of charge.
What if my client doesn't speak English?
Many STARTTS staff are bilingual, and all use professional interpreters when required.
Who are STARTTS staff?
STARTTS staff are a multidisciplinary and multicultural team of professionals with strong community links. All STARTTS staff undergo regular supervision and professional learning to maintain a high standard of service delivery.
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