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Principal's message

St Michael’s College is a Catholic school committed to a Vision of Lasallian Education - an education which is engaging, caring, religious, inclusive, comprehensive, student-centred and contemporary.

The College is continually evolving to meet changing needs. Our philosophy to develop students into well-rounded, active members of society and 'be the best they can be' is delivering results... there is a pathway for everyone if they are prepared to work hard.

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Teaching & learning

St Michael's has adopted certain principles that are the foundation of Lasallian education:

  • The curriculum is inclusive, comprehensive, student-centred, practical and contemporary to form the basis of effective citizenship.
  • Religion is an integral part of the curriculum and other areas of school life.

  • The search for meaning in life and the development of a reflective approach is an important student outcome.
  • Staff must examine their own behaviour before challenging that of their students.
  • Example is a most effective teaching aid.
  • Strong relationships are essential to meaningful learning.
  • Considerable importance is placed on developing a sense of community.

Student Well-Being

The pastoral care of students at St Michael's is informed by the Lasallian Vision of schooling to assist with the development of all students so that they are able to reach their academic, spiritual, emotional, social and physicial potential.

More specifically, through pastoral care we:

  • Respect the dignity of each person.

  • Provide an environment in which every student is valued, feels safe and has someone they can talk to.
  • Develop a spirit of community through positive relationships between staff, students and parents.
  • Develop self-discipline and responsibility.
  • Provide opportunities for spiritual growth.
  • Educate students in a Christ centred model of leadership.

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Educational Values

The educational philosophy at St Michael’s is designed to support, encourage and inspire students to realise their potential and become high achievers in their chosen fields.

The success of St Michael’s College is based on an educational ideal that has withstood the test of time for more than three centuries.

As a Catholic Lasallian school, St Michael's has an educational program that balances high personal achievement with personal and spiritual growth. The overriding focus is to provide students with a learning experience that allows them to achieve their full potential as highly capable, well-rounded individuals.

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St Michael's College has a proud tradition and we expect our students to present themselves in such a way that reflects the Visionand characteristics of the College.

It is our expectation that students:

  • are ambassadors of the College and therefore need to be mindful of enhancing the College’s reputation;

  • are well presented, ensuring that all components of the College uniform are neat and in accord with College requirements;
  • adhere to College standards based upon well established principles of gender and equity with regard to: hair, which is required to be neat, tidy, out of the eyes and without extremes of style, as detailed in the grooming policy in the College diary;

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