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About Us
Introduction To The College

Welcome to St Edmund's College website. I trust that in browsing this site you capture something of the essence of this great Catholic school community. As you will notice St Edmund's provides young men from Year 4 to 12 with a wide array of educational opportunities to embrace. Our focus is on further developing our students through a holistic approach to education.

We celebrate the diversity of our student population & strive to enable each of them to achieve.

New Students

With a history spanning more than 50 years, St Edmund's College has educated generations of young men. Our focus is on ways to promote learning, leadership and service opportunities for our students. We have produced a culture where, whatever a student's ability, if he achieves, we as the College community, recognise, respect and applaud his efforts.

We expect the boys to always strive toward their personal best in both their academic and co-curricular activities.

We are immensely proud of our school. We have a strong tradition of pastoral care and community involvement.


What the College Offers & Fee Payment

Fee Payment

Fee payments can be made through either Eway or Westpac.

Other payments can also be made through Westpac at various times e.g. Y12 formal, basketball fees, Haydon House dinner etc.

Helping Students

Contemporary Teaching and Learning - Boys Education

St Edmund's College has been teaching boys, Years 4-12, since 1954. We continually adapt our methods and programs to ensure that we deliver contemporary learning opportunities for our students. Our learning philosophy and teaching strategies are underpinned by our experience of "what works for best for boys".

For example, all classroom activities fall into one or more of the following five categories: Connect, Challenge, Collaborate, Create and Contemplate.

Holistic Education

At St Edmund's College all subjects are equally important and have the same amount of time allocated to them. Literacy and Numeracy skills are integrated across all subjects.


Our Community

The College's weekly newsletter, Vortex, is a key information source for the immediate College community. To assist you in accessing the most current news from the College, we are happy to send you an email reminder each time the Vortex is posted online. Please click here to subscribe to our electronic news service.

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