Business Summary
Aerial Agricultural Spraying
About Us

We are a reliable business that are satisfied only when our clients are. We put our customers first.

Mission Statement
To supply an aerial application service to clients with emphasis on: Safety to company staff, the community and the environment - Quality application to all client's economy through planning and organization.

Statement of Commitment
Spray Tech Aviation's greatest assets are its employees and clients. We strive to carry out all operations to ensure the safety of all concerned. Clients are assured that their safety are a top priority when carrying out operations.

Organising a Spray Job
Spraying pesticides may cause hazards to other people, property or the environment so it is important that it be carried out in such a way to reduce these hazards. A process called a risk assessment is carried out to ensure you have met all your responsibilities prior to the spray job taking place. We have listed the suggested steps you take when asking us to carry out a spray job on your farm.

You can also download this as a handy checklist to tick off and keep as a record that you have done the right thing.

Spray Tech Aviation can undertake all types of aerial spraying. Our equipment can handle all volumes from Ultra Low Volume (ULV) of a few litres per hectare up to high volume applications. Day and Night Operations Aircraft and Pilots are qualified.