Business Summary
Appointments only at Subiaco Business Centre, Suite 5/531 Hay St Subiaco
About Us

Simple Price-Wise Cremations was formed early in 2003 to cater for those families who require a dignified funeral service without the added costs associated with luxury coaches, limousines and large premises. We provide Services suited to those who wish simply to meet at the cemetery gates.

Simple Price-Wise Cremations are committed to providing the people of Perth with an affordable Cremation Service so that you can say goodbye to your loved one in a dignified and caring manner without it causing you financial hardship.

We are Western Australian Funeral Directors and a family owned company and can be contacted at any time day or night.

What Should I Do? Hospital or Nursing Home

When a loved one dies in a Hospital or Nursing Home the Medical Staff will contact you to arrange for a transfer by your Funeral Director. If you are not available and have given the institution our name, they will contact us direct.

Following the transfer, we will contact the Next of Kin and make an appointment to arrange the Funeral.

We also arrange to collect the necessary paper work from the attending Doctor so that the death can be registered.

If the Coroner is involved because of a sudden death, we will liaise with them direct to collect the necessary paperwork. In the meantime, the family can go ahead with the arrangements for the Funeral.

What We Do
Broadly speaking our services cover the following:
  • Transferring the deceased from the place of death to the funeral home
  • Registering the death with the Registrar of Births, Deaths and marriages
  • Dispatching medical certificates to the relevant authorities
  • Consulting with you and your family about the funeral service
  • Arranging floral arrangements
Can a person be cremated against their wishes?
Not if there are written instructions stating that they wish to be buried. Most people write into their Will or any Pre-Planned Funeral Arrangement, what their wishes are in relation to this.
Do your burial?
No we don't burial. Only cremations.
When does the cremation take place?
Cremations will generally be carried out on the same day as the funeral service, however where this is not possible, the cremation will take place on the next working day, in accordance with Health Department Regulations, which state the cremation can occur up to 48 hours later.