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About 131 008

Established in 1992, 131 008 is Australia's first national taxi booking phone number. 131 008 connects people from all over Australia with their local taxi service for the cost of a local call (higher from a mobile). We have about 300 member taxi services in every state, covering every city and most towns, large and small.

Taxi 131-008 Limited is 100% Australian owned and operated and is a nationally recognised and trusted brand. In fact, the company is wholly owned by the taxi industry - specifically, by the very taxi services that benefit from the 131 008 service.

131 008 is the only taxi phone number you need to remember. Why not save it in your mobile phone now!

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SMS 1999-0008 Taxi Bookings

SMS 1999-0008 is Australia's new SMS taxi booking service.

The service has been launched in Perth and Mandurah in WA, Darwin in NT, Rockhampton and Yeppoon in QLD and Shepparton in VIC.

SMS 1999-0008 is a priority service, so now you can jump ahead of the phone queue.

There is no pre-registration required, nor do you have to install an application on your phone.

Simply click here to find the Location Code in the table below the screen and text the relevant three-character code followed by your pickup address to 1999-0008* for an immediate booking request.

For example: per 21 brearly ave redcliffe

man murphys bar

rok base hospital dental clinic

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Book a Taxi Online

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Welcome to the 131008 shopping page. For the benefit of our members, all 131008 merchandise is sold at cost or below and there are nil postage charges. We buy in bulk to minimise the costs to our members. Download our Order Form for offline ordering.

What is 131 008?
131008 is Australia's national taxi phone number. We have 300 member taxi services (one on every city and town in Australia) ready to book you a taxi. Calls to 131008 can be made from landlines or mobiles and callers are connected directly to their local taxi service.
How much does it cost to call 131 008?
Calls to 131 008 from landlines are charged at the cost of a local call. Calls to 131 008 from mobile phones may incur higher charges, depending on your arrangements with your mobile provider.
Does 131 008 have a voucher system or corporate accounts?
No. You will need to contact your local taxi service for these services.
What about child restraints like baby capsules, child seats and booster seats?
The regulations on the use of child restraints in taxis varies from state to state. Most of our taxi services will supply a child restraint upon request. Please make enquiries regarding child restraints directly with the relevant taxi service.
What if I want to reach a taxi service other than my local one?
131 008 always connects the caller to their local taxi service. So, if you want to contact a taxi service other than your local one, you will need to contact them on their local phone number.
Why don't I get my local taxi service when I call 131 008 on a VOIP phone?
If you do use VOIP services to dial 131 008 you may find that your call is routed to a taxi service in some other city or town (even to some other state) far away from the place where you are calling. That outcome might be confusing for you - it will be even more confusing for the taxi service, which has no idea why you phoned it for a taxi that it cannot provide to you.
Why don't I get my local taxi service when I call 131 008 on a VOIP phone?
If your VOIP calls are not connecting you to your local taxi service that problem is caused by your Internet Service Provider and NOT the 131 008 service. Please contact your Internet Service Provider and ask them to fix the problem with the internet service they are providing to you. If they do not understand the problem tell them to contact us. In the meantime call 131 008 from your mobile phone or your landline, or book online through this website.