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At Shellabears Real Estate we have a strong motivation to sell the best properties in all price ranges. To do this we have to be much better than our competitors, our knowledge of properties must be extensive and client service flawless.

We know that promises are easily made, however, we live up to them!


Shellabears are specialists in the Sale, Valuation, Auction and Management of property with an emphasis clearly on the "Western Suburbs". The Company will continue to keep its emphasis as a niche marketer of these specialist services which enables us to carry out our Clients' business in confidence with personalised service and attention to detail.

To ensure that we have all details on hand we have become highly computerised which also frees our time to attend to our Clients' needs as an upmost priority.

As a family owned business we take pride in our past achievements and look forward to a continuing tradition of service to you.

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