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Shady Fig is a special place. A shop dedicated to eclectic and exquisite things, here you will find the most perfectly-conceived mix of fresh flowers, home and gift products you could ask for. Here, in a little town on the NSW South Coast, is a shop alive with wonder and imagination.

Owner Michelle Collison has filled the shop with a hand-picked range of clever, sweet, unique, quirky, exquisite little gifts and fresh flowers that will lift your heart. Wandering through the shop is like peering into Mary Poppins' magical carpet bag - it's filled with things you've never seen before.

Her instincts are serving her well. Everyone who has discovered this little wonderland falls in love with what they find. Everything in Shady Fig is tactile, textured and aromatic. Walking through the door is a sensory experience. The scents are ambrosial - a heady mix of soaps, candles and masses of fresh flowers - and the atmosphere is creative, soothing and calm. You'll find familiar home products - the beautiful Est body products, cushions, vases and selected designer pieces - alongside more intriguing ornamental objects such as trays of lotus pods or Japanese fishing floats (a bowl of these glistening little glass baubles makes a stunning table centrepiece!).


There are adorable gifts for children - books, creative games, tool kits, baking kits, hand-made soft toys and clothes. There are stylish gardening products, exquisite stationary and selected jewellery and art. Wherever possible, Michelle has aimed to source and support locally made products.

Shady Fig also sells fresh flowers and selected plants and Michelle (a floral artist whose business Organique Flowers is well known in Sydney) creates customised floral works. But Shady Fig is not just a florist shop: it is a garden of delights.