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Service SA provides a number of services on behalf of several different government agencies.
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SA.GOV.AU is the best place for South Australian citizens and businesses to find government services and information. The site is managed by Office for Digital Government in the Department of the Premier and Cabinet. We work with the rest of government to make things clear, simple and easy. It's a big task, and many people from every department work with us to link up government services and present things in a consistent way using plain language. Our standards and guidance support this work.


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Vehicle Registration
Recreational Boating

Can I renew my driver’s licence online if it has expired?
Yes, providing your licence has not expired by more than 5 years and you do not need a new photo you can renew online. You can renew with a mySA GOV account, or if you do not have an account you can still renew online.
I did not receive a renewal notice, how do I renew?
You can renew your registration online without a renewal notice. Instead of entering the payment number, you can identify the vehicle by entering the licence/client number of the registered owner and plate number.
Can I renew my registration online if it has expired?
You can still renew your registration online if it has expired. You will be given 2 options: Renew the registration for 3 or 12 months from the old expiry date. Elect to re-register for 3 or 12 months from the date of payment. Note, a higher administration fee will apply. Please note: In either circumstances the vehicle is deemed unregistered for the period between the expiry date and the time of payment.