Business Summary
Since 1985, Scott's Old Auto Rubber has specialised in rubber Products for Automotive Restoration or Repair.
About Us

This is an introduction to Scott's Old Auto Rubber. It began in 1984 when I moved from New South Wales to Melbourne and started selling and buying parts for our own cars, (Rovers) and then friends began asking for us to search for hard to get parts for their cars. We then began obtaining cars to wreck and selling off all our unneeded surplus from our backyard. It turned into a business from there. Parts were being requested that were never in good condition on the Rovers we wrecked, such as windscreen seals, door seals and most other rubber parts. It was a gamble to invest the large amounts of money required to have dies made and to develop products, but it paid off slowly. Year by year we continued to grow, adding to the half page of products we stocked, till it got to the point where we needed to move into business premises as Roverco and Ankh Books (now that is another story!) which we did at the close of the eighties and changed our name to Roverco.

What We Do
  • Body Shell
  • Bonnet (Hood) & Grille
  • Boot/Trunk 
  • Bumper Bar
  • Clips & Fasteners
  • Doors & Tailgate
  • Electrical
  • Engine/Firewall/Gear Box
  • General Products
  • Glass
  • Guards - Front/Rear
  • Interior
  • Running Boards
  • Suspension/Steering
Payment Methods
American Express