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About Us

We are a local non-profit organisation that hosts government funded programs to foster regional economic development. Historically this includes the Casino Regional Business Enterprise Centre, the Northern Rivers and the Mid North Coast Rural Financial Counselling Services and the regional Aboriginal Economic Development Officer program.

Committed to supporting rural Australia, in October 2006, with support from previous service providers, our organisation won the competitive grant application process to deliver under a new model, rural financial counselling services to the north eastern region of New South Wales.

Who makes the decisions: Your rural financial counsellor will support and work with you to develop options - and you make the decisions.

What rural financial counsellors can do

Rural financial counsellors can:

  • Assess and prepare reports on your current financial, cash flow and viability circumstances
  • Help clients understand their financial and business position
  • Help clients to complete action plans, identify issues and plan options to achieve realistic goals
  • Connect clients to information about government and industry assistance
  • Support and help clients prepare for farm debt mediation processes and assist you in non-legal appeals processes
  • Support and help clients prepare for succession planning processes, including preparing statements of your current financial position and compiling relevant questions for succession planning experts
  • Assist clients to identify their advice and training needs
What We Do
Services We Offer

The Rural Financial Counselling Service NSW Northern Region (RFCSNSW- NR) provides free and impartial rural financial counselling to eligible primary producers, fishers and small rural businesses* who are suffering financial hardship, and who have no alternative sources of impartial support, to manage the challenges of change and adjustment.

What is rural financial counselling?

Rural financial counselling is:

  • Free
  • Impartial
  • Independent of financial institutions, welfare agencies and government.