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About Us

Since it was founded as a pioneering specialist recycler in the 1958, Royal Park Salvage has become one of the State's longest established demolition and salvage companies. This website provides an overview of our services and experience. However we invite you to contact us directly to discuss your specific requirements.

Clearing the way... for future developments

Often you need to clear the way in order to start afresh. Delays in clearing sites impact projects in both building timelines and financial budgets. As an industry expert, Royal Park Salvage understands that demolition is a very serious business. We identify the needs of our clients and work hard to satisfy them.

Time is money for our customers - and that is a motivation for our crews - whether working with major developers, or smaller one-off projects for suburban home builders.

Commercial / Industrial projects

Royal Park Salvage has access to substantial equipment and personnel resources. This comes from corporate links with a group of co-owned businesses with specialist skills in recycling, construction and fabrication.

With our inter-linked companies Royal Park Salvage has capacity for jobs of any size. We have on-demand access to:

  • A major fleet of trucks and semi-tippers
  • Heavy excavators and loaders
  • Skilled asbestos removal, demolition, electrical and plumbing, building and joinery crews
  • Professional management experience

House demolition

Royal Park Salvage provides a quick, easy and convenient service to demolish your old house. Our experience in managing demolition projects demonstrates that planning ahead to manage environmental and local neighbourhood issues is a high priority to satisfy the requirements of Government and Local Government authorities.

Demolition can be a doorway to the unknown...

Trust our experts - if you begin demolition without understanding hidden complexities, you enter a minefield of physical and legal risk.

Asbestos removal

Royal Park Salvage removes all types of asbestos such as is found within:

  • Asbestos gaskets
  • Asbestos underground pipes
  • Asbestos lagging from pipework
  • Asbestos limpet from beams
  • Asbestos fences
  • Asbestos vinyl tiles
  • Asbestos backed vinyl
  • Asbestos external wall claddings
  • Asbestos internal wall linings
  • Asbestos Deep 6 Roofing
  • Asbestos roof tiles.