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A simple measure that ensures you’ll double the life expectancy of your concrete paths around trees.
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Introducing Root Barrier™ – the cost effective way to prevent root and moisture stabilisation. This light weight plastic shield (just 0.75mm thick) is especially designed to form an impenetrable barrier against tree roots and excessive moisture and damp. The specially engineered Root Barrier material has 700% elongation which gives additional capacity to handle pressure generated by moisture or deflected roots. Root Barrier™ is also very economical when compared to available alternatives. Ask for a comparison on your next job – you’ll be surprised.

It’s simple. Root Barrier is placed in a 100mm trench, which is dug around the building, normally to a depth of 1.5 to 3 metres depending on soil type. The narrowness of this trench means far less mess and refill. The trench is located 1 to 2 metres from the wall of the building. This effectively extends the foundations on which the building sits. This impermeable barrier acts as a cut-off wall, stopping the moisture leaching away from under the building. The Root Barrier prevents moisture moving sideways, through the soil. Very little moisture loss can take place, and thus future movement from this cause is eliminated. Find out more.

It’s versatile. Trees which in the past had to be removed because of their damaging effect on foundations, can now remain and exist quite happily along-side of the buildings, without causing any problems underground. Root Barrier keeps the roots out and the moisture in. Due to new developments in the product and installation system, costs have been vastly reduced, and the requirements for heavy earth works with heavy machinery removed. Find out more.