Business Summary
To provide Victorian motorists with ongoing support in regard to the State’s road safety camera system and to provide an alternative avenue for complaints and quality assurance.
About Us

Mr John Voyage 

John Voyage has extensive legal expertise and experience in road safety that will serve Victorian drivers and road users well in his new role as Commissioner.

Mr Voyage was part of the Law Institute of Victoria’s Road Safety Committee for many years and chaired the Law Institute’s Transport Accident Committee for 20 years and has contributed to a number of Victorian Parliamentary Road Safety Committee inquiries during his legal career of more than 30 years.

He holds a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Laws from Monash University and was a partner at Maurice Blackburn from 1990 until 2014.

Our Values

The Commissioner has committed to the four following values to guide and inform his work:

  • Integrity – To carry out his functions with honesty, accuracy and consistency.
  • Transparency – To provide credible expert advice about road safety operations to Parliament and the community.
  • Accountability – To monitor and review the accuracy, integrity and efficiency of the Victorian road safety camera system.
  • Independence – To act impartially and objectively in the fulfilment of his functions under the Act.