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RIMEX is the leading custom manufacturer of all off road wheel and rim assemblies. RIMEX's primary markets include mining, forestry, agriculture and industrial equipment, specializing in haul trucks and loaders. Established in 1976, RIMEX has over 30 years experience in engineering and custom manufacturing wheels and rims for some of the world's largest and most demanding vehicles.

In addition to wheels and rims designed to meet various off-highway applications, RIMEX offers a full range of complementary products to match their wheel counterparts. A tire pressure monitoring system, portable tire press, and air pressure relief valves are just a sample of the many RIMEX products that will save you time and money and improve worksite safety.


RIMEX is renowned in the industry for developing the Machined Extreme Service (MES) Series and Taper Secure Radial (TSR) Series of wheels and rims. Having designed a product that is machined for true roundness and has over 100% more steel across the rim in critical areas, RIMEX is the only manufacturer to have advanced wheel technology to precisely match modern radial tire designs.

By focusing on the individual requirements of its customers, RIMEX designs have become the preferred choice in the replacement of standard rims. With time-tested performance, RIMEX customers are now demanding our MES and TSR Series wheels/rims on all new trucks. To guarantee performance for tomorrow, RIMEX is working with leading tire manufacturers in perfecting future wheel/rim designs.

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