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About Us
Welcome to 2DU

This website is full of useful information so please feel free to explore the site and let us know your thoughts on anything that's happening in your town. 2DU Regional News headlines are updated in real time on the right hand side of the page.

Enjoy the freedom of being able to stream 2DU live and online from anywhere in the world, simply click listen live to your right to begin. You can also browse 2DU's history, gallery, descriptions of shows, or send a message to one of your presenters.

As always 2DU belongs to you so feel free to send us any feedback here on everything and anything you feel like.

Welcome to Zoo FM

From 927 ZOO's beginning in 1997, we have been the live and local FM station. We continue to strive to offer more entertainment, information and fun than any other commercial radio station in Dubbo and the Central West.

927 Zoo considers itself a part of the community and is only here to reflect what is happening in the community and not to dictate to the audience.

Everyday, our job is to make our audiences life a little more enjoyable by balancing the needs of the listener and our advertisers, and provide a great listening experience with great music and entertainment.

2DU Shows

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  • 2DU's Secret Sound
  • The Mystery Voice - 3:15PM (Tuesday and Thursday)
  • Radio Tradio - 3.15PM (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
  • Lost & Founds - 11.30, 2.30 and 4.45 (Mon - Fri) and 11.30 Saturday
  • Burrendong Dam Report
  • Trangie Agricultural Centre
  • National Rural News
  • Weather Around Australia

  • Four Day Weather
  • On This Day - 7.45am (Weekdays)
  • Lotto Results
  • Health check - 8.45am (Weekdays)

Zoo FM Shows


These too love to make funny jokes, make interesting conversation and intelligent debate on a wide variety of topics effecting our everyday lives.


So you're at work, get it on 927 Zoo you'll hear WATTO from 10am to 2pm playing songs that you know and songs that will become your favourites.


At 2 o'clock Matho is always fired up ready to help you through the rest of your work day. Fill the hole in the headline at 2:15. Have a go at the Secret Sound at 3:15, and to get you home with a smile on your face from 5 make a date with Matho to join him on the Fast Lane. You never know when he's got a few tickets or other giveaways up his sleeve, just for you.

Advertise with us

2DU reaches up to 65,000 different people each week across West NSW

Advertising on 2DU will attract the appropriate clientele to your business. Our dedicated presenters, producers and sales representatives understand how advertising on 2DU can work for your business.

Together we will create a package for your marketing needs and your budget, please contact our Sales Representatives, for further information and costing's of the packages and rates.

Activity can include any or all of the following:

  • Live read commercials by on-air presenters;
  • Quality locally produced commercials;
  • Promotions to include prize giveaways;
  • Exclusive sponsorship of regular program segments;
  • Live broadcasts from your place of business.
  • 2DU provides advertisers with an unprecedented radio marketing opportunity through our leading music and up to date news/talk format.