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Our clients range from State Government, local government, large to medium civil construction companies, tree-lopping companies, earthmoving companies, and utility companies and their associated contractors and surveyors. We also provide line marking for roads and pathways, school events, public sporting events and the list goes on.

PTS Traffic Management's staff have extensive experience implementing traffic guidance services and plans. Working under stringent safety procedures - our traffic control equipment, signage and PPE (personal protective equipment) are all specifically regulated by Australian Standards, Workplace Health & Safety or State Government regulations.

The traffic control industry is growing and becoming more of a specialised industry. In 2010, the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads introduced the Traffic Management Registration Scheme. All councils and companies associated with the industry which work on main roads and employ traffic controllers (such as construction companies) are required to be registered.

PTS Traffic Management strives to differentiate from its competitors by supplying a quality service with a positive 'can do' attitude. PTS traffic controllers are continually assessed for competency on the job with the use of internal company audits.

Drivers at PTS Traffic Management all hold Senior First Aid Certificates and Main Roads Level 2 Traffic Guidance qualifications. In fact, all our employees hold the Level 2 qualification unless they are new to the company and in 'training status'.

It's easy to spot a PTS Traffic Management worksite. The pride and confidence of the traffic controllers is conveyed in their neat professional appearance, clean and visible signage and well-maintained vehicles.

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At PTS Traffic Management, we understand the requirements involved with traffic control for your worksite or event. Let us take charge and safely govern all aspects of traffic management for you, allowing you to focus on the other important areas.

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