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About Us
Who we are

Prologic has been helping clients throughout Australia for nearly 30 years. In that time we have learnt to adopt and adapt to new technologies and to migrate legacy systems. We have survived challenging projects and challenging economies and always delivered the desired outcome.

Throughout, one thing has remained constant: success requires a thorough understanding of your business needs, effective communication with your staff and the best people, processes & management. Prologic staff members are paramount to the success of our clients and have over 15 years experience in all aspects of the software development lifecycle.

About Us

Prologic provides services spanning the whole software lifecycle including IT Strategy, Enterprise Architecture, Business Alignment, Requirements Specification, Application Development, Implementation and Lifetime Support. In addition, we provide the essential ancillary services such as Project Planning and Management, Software Metrics Estimation, Risk Analysis and Quality Management.

Prologic's professional staff has experience in using a broad range of technologies through the successful delivery of the above core business activities. Please click here to view an overview of the technical skills available.

The Mega Modeling Suite Explained

The MEGA Modeling Suite contains strong support for both the business and the IT modeling sectors:

  • MEGA Process for business processes
  • MEGA Architecture addresses the functional and technical mapping of applications, data flows, IT software and infrastructure components
  • MEGA Designer supports data and application analysis, and design and integration modeling