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Liquid Suppliment Beef & Dairy Cattle
About Us

Prolix Dairy has been designed to enhance the utilisation of both growing and mature pastures, as well as crop stubble and hay that is fed to cattle. Through the supply of a readily available source of energy and protein, Prolix stimulates rumen microbial growth. This results in an improvement in the ability of the rumen to utilise available pasture feed.

As pastures mature, protein, energy and digestibility decline. When this decline coincides with high nutrient demand, such as pregnancy, calving, milk production or growing there is a drop in animal performance.

What We Do

Benefits of Supplementing With Prolix Dairy

  • Improved milk production
  • Improved weight gains
  • Improved utilisation of available paddock feed
  • Assists in maintaining body condition at calving
  • Improved conception rates
  • Minimises seasonal weight loss
  • Safe and efficient urea feeding
  • Rain safe
  • Comprehensive vitamin and mineral package
  • Consumption control and cost control
  • Nil capital and labour
  • Prolix is delivered directly into 500 litre paddock troughs provided by the agent. This provides the customer with a double bonus; no mixing or storage equipment is required and there is no additional labour input needed for supplementing the livestock.


How Safe is Prolix?
The unique Bonded Urea process used with Prolix ensures safety for your herd whilst providing a high level of non protein nitrogen – critical to maximising performance. Monitoring by trained service personnel also ensures consumption remains at a safe level.
How Does Prolix Comply with QA Requirements?
Prolix is manufactured to the highest quality standards and undergoes rigorous in-process testing. The plant at which Prolix is manufactured is Quality Assured to ISO 9001-2008 and is Feed safe Accredited.
Can I Be Sure That I Won’t Be Trapped By Rising Supplement Prices Or Availability Problems?
Bundaberg Molasses is involved right through from molasses production to Prolix delivery and is committed to year round supply. Pricing is agreed annually, ensuring availability and protection from price rises. This is particularly important in dry seasons when commodity prices fluctuate.
How Does Rain Effect Prolix?
Rain will sit on top of the product and be consumed by cattle. The Bonded Urea process minimises toxicity problems normally associated with some other supplements containing urea that have been contaminated by water.
How Do You Control Intake?
Prolix utilises your cattle’s taste buds to control consumption. Two liquids, one Sweet and the other Sour, are mixed at the trough. If your cattle are over consuming, the proportion of the sour liquid is increased and vice versa for under consumption. This is a highly effective method of controlling consumption which enable you to budget your supplement dollar.
Where is Prolix Available?
Prolix is currently available throughout Central and Southern Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and the ACT through our Agent network. Contact Bundaberg Molasses to find out the local agent in your area on Free call 1800 777 097.