About Us

DPIRD was formed on 1 July 2017 as part of the State Government’s public sector reforms, bringing together the former departments of Agriculture and Food, Fisheries, and Regional Development, along with the staff of our State’s nine Regional Development Commissions (RDCs). 

Our department’s functions and objectives are detailed in our Strategic Intent 2018–21.

Our purpose:

To create enduring prosperity for all Western Australians.

Our role:

Our department ensures WA’s primary industries and regions are key contributors to the Government’s agenda for economic growth and diversification, job creation, strong communities and better places.Our goals

• Protect – to manage and provide for sustainable use of our natural resources and soils, and to protect WA’s brand and reputation as a reliable producer of premium, clean and safe food, products and services.

• Grow – to enable the primary industries sector and regions to increase international competitiveness, and grow in value and social amenity, strengthening these key pillars of the State’s economy.

• Innovate – to support a culture of scientific inquiry,innovation and adaptation across primary industries and regions to boost industry transformation, economic growth and employment.