About Us

Premium Finance Services are committed to providing long term guidance to help you achieve your goals.

We can help you:

Pay less income tax

Pay off your mortgage sooner

Become a self-funded retiree

Consolidate your existing debts

We operate under Australian Credit License Number: 393069

Should you have any questions, please contact the Premium Finance Services team on 1800 095 288.

About Us

At Premium Finance Services we understand that appropriate advice is one of the most valuable assets you can acquire. We realise that the most challenging aspect of any investment or financial planning is adjusting to the changes that occur in ones life as well as external forces such as tax laws and market conditions.

Therefore our dedicated hands on professionals will work in close partnership with you to develop and refine specialised services to meet your evolving needs. Ultimately, assisting to enhance your investment portfolio.

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Since the opening of our Brisbane offices in January 2005 & more recently the opening of our Melbourne office, we are now a company employing around 90 people.

Premium Finance Services Pty Ltd has been able to help guide over 4,000 clientsfrom all over Australia to move towards their financial freedom by establishing a property investment portfolio.

Premium Finance Services frequently receive referral business from our clients; to us this is one of the greatest compliments along with our clients returning to implement the next step in their wealth creation strategy.

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Mortgage Reduction

What age will you be when your home is paid off?

How much interest will you have paid by the time your mortgage is paid off?

Did you know that on a $300,000 home loan over 25 years, you can expect to pay back the $300,000 & an additional $318,000 in interest!

Do you think this is fair?

Let us show you how to reduce debt, save thousands in interest and take years off your mortgage.

Our Mortgage Reduction strategies can have you pay off your home loan much quicker than you ever thought possible.

Click here for an Interactive Demo of our Mortgage Reduction Services.

Client for life

This program provides our clients not only with implementation of the initial strategy, but an ongoing program of follow up on that strategy that can be reworked to suit the challenges & changes that inevitably occur through out their lives.

Some of these changes may include, a new addition to the family resulting in income decreasing, or an increase in family income.

  • What is the best way to manage these situations long term?
  • Is there now a better finance structure that suits our current situation?
  • Can we afford our next investment decision?

When is a good time to act?

With the Premium Finance 'Client for Life' program help is only a phone call away.