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Port Stephens Council local government area (LGA) is located lower north coast of NSW and extends from Woodville in the west to Shoal Bay in the east and encompassing the pristine waterways of Port Stephens.

The LGA is divided into three wards and 12 councillor positions.

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The Port Stephens Council local government area (LGA) has a population of over 65,000. We provide a variety of programs and services to support this diverse community.

Use this section of our website to find information about our community and our volunteers, available grants as well as the facilities, programs and services Council provides.


Scattered throughout Port Stephens are many beautiful parks, beaches, sporting and other recreation facilities, many of which can be hired for functions.

Use this section of our website to find out about recreation facilities and strategies as well as information about our sports councils.

Your Environment

Residents and tourists alike are attracted to Port Stephens because of its natural beauty, magnificent waterway and rural character. The Port and its surrounding environment is used extensively for tourism and recreation, as well as supporting large, professional fishing and oyster growing industries.

Culture & Tourism

Population growth, combined with increasing levels of tourism, continue to place pressure on the environmental integrity, character and attributes of the LGA.

Use this section of our website for information on our flora and fauna, pets, environmental health, landcare, education and waste services.