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115 Ellen Street, Port Pirie SA 5540

PO Box 45 Port Pirie SA 5540
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Building, Health, Fire Prevention, Dogs & Parking, Roads, Drainage, Parks, Trees and Waste, Aerodrome, Port Pirie Swimming Pool, Port Pirie Cultural Precinct, Library Service, Tourism & Arts Centre, Port Pirie Internet Centre, Rural Office Crystal Brook, Crystal Brook Library Service, Crystal Brook Swimming Pool, Crystal Brook Caravan Park.
About Us


"Regional Leader - Economic Hub - Quality Lifestyle"

By 2025, the Port Pirie Region is the premier regional centre in South Australia where residents and visitors want to be.


To progressively strive for excellence, lead with integrity and deliver positive outcomes for the community.

Council will achieve its mission by:

  • Providing leadership on behalf of the community.
  • Planning for future economic prosperity.
  • Planning for future growth.
  • Providing high quality services in response to needs.
  • Providing and maintaining assets and infrastructure efficiently and sustainably.
  • Advocating on behalf of the community.
  • Building community capacity and resilience.
  • Forming strategic alliances and partnerships.
  • Building the capacity of the organisation.


Port Pirie Regional Council is committed to the following core values:

Service Delivery Excellence

Council will ensure that its services meet quality, cost and efficiency standards; are accessible and are responsive to the needs of the community.


Council acts on behalf of the communities of Port Pirie Regional Council and accepts accountability for its decisions and actions.

Honesty, Integrity and Transparency

Council will strive to be valued and trusted by the community through its actions and open and honest communication.

Ethical Behaviour and Good Governance

Council values ethical conduct and employs principles of good governance.


Council acts on behalf of all residents and ratepayers. We value the community and will treat all people with dignity, respect and equity.

Team Work and Professionalism

Council values a cohesive team approach with the administration and elected members working together to lead the region forward with appropriate skills, knowledge and experience.  

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