About Us
Our Mission

To promote and develop fun and learning experiences for babies and children through Playgroup, whilst providing an information and support network to all families across the Northern Territory.

The Playgroup Association of the Northern Territory:

  • Has been established in the NT since 1980
  • Is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors
  • Is an active member of the Playgroup Council of Australia

  • Is funded by the Australian Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenious Affairs (FaHCSIA)
  • Operates from offices at Playgroup House Darwin and Playgroup House Alice Springs
  • Maintains a register of Playgroups in the Northern Territory
  • Assists families to locate an appropriate Playgroup which suits their families' needs

What is a Playgroup?

Playgroups mean different things to different people. Essentially, a Playgroup is a gathering place where parents and carers with babies and young children can meet regularly for fun and learning experiences in a social setting.

In the Northern Territory, Playgroups:

  • Cater for all children aged from birth to five years of age
  • Are fun

  • Provide learning experiences for babies and children through a range of play-based activities
  • Provide children with the opportunity to interact with other children and adults
  • Provide socialising and networking experiences for parents and carers
  • Are voluntarily set up and run by the parents and carers who attend
  • Vary from formally-structured learning sessions to casual social occassions


Membership to Playgroup Association NT is required to ensure that you and the group you attend is covered by insurance.

All members of the Playgroup Association of the Northern Territory receive the following benefits:

Insurance - Personal accident and property cover for you and your children while attending a registered playgroup session.

  • Information - On all aspects of positive parenting, child development, learning through play, and playgroup skills.
  • ABC Discount Card - Receive discounts from a range of retailers in NT and online across Australia.
  • Playgroup Library - Borrow great books and DVDs from our parenting resource library.
  • Playgroup Shop - Low cost art and craft materials.

Programs and Services

Playgroup Shop

For all your craft and activity needs, visit the Playgroup Shop at Playgroup House Darwin and Playgroup House Alice Springs. Read More...

Play Gym

Playgym is a movement-based program for children under five years of age which aims to provide physical, social, emotional and cognitive development opportunities through structured, active play classes. Read More...

Find a Playgroup

Playgroups operate in almost every suburb of Darwin and rural and remote towns across the Northern Territory.

When you contact the Playgroup Association you will be asked some questions. We need to know:

  • Where you live?
  • How old is your child / children?
  • What do you and your child need to get out of your Playgroup experience?

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