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Our work is dedicated to restoring your quality of life
About Us

Peninsula Hearing Aid Centre commenced its operations in 1956 with just one clinic. Formally known as Frankston Hearing Centre Through focus on excellence in client care, development of its people and commitment to the Hearing Industry, Peninsula Hearing Aid Centre has grown to be the  Mornington Peninsula leading independent provider of hearing healthcare services and products. With three staffed clinics throughout the Mornington peninsula we have conveniently located examination rooms in Baxter, Karingal and Rosebud to ensure ease of access for our clients.

What We Do

Our team of hearing specialists help people on the Mornington peninsula manage their hearing difficulties through hearing assessments, innovative digital hearing instruments and other helpful listening devices. To help you regain or maintain the lifestyle you cherish, we take time to listen, before offering advice in a caring, yet straight forward way, and introducing you to products and support that we believe are best for you.

We also know that hearing impairment can be a sensitive issue. Whatever your hearing challenges, we are here to help. Our business has it’s foundations in our ability to provide the very best in personal service for what is a very personal issue.

What’s the best type of battery for my hearing aid?
Zinc air batteries are ideal for hearing aids. With a unique construction that utilizes air from outside the battery, these batteries pack maximum energy into each cell. Using zinc air batteries in your hearing aid will give you clearer tones, fewer volume adjustments, and fewer battery replacements.
Why is there a tab on my battery?
Zinc air batteries uses air as a source of power, and the tab provides a seal that ensures freshness until the battery is ready for use. To activate the battery, simply remove the tab, wait one minute to allow air to activate the ingredients, and insert the battery into your hearing aid. (Note that replacing the tab when the battery is not in use will not extend the battery life)
How long will my batteries last?
Battery life is determined by the type and amplification of your hearing aid, as well as the hours you wear it. Your hearing care professional can tell you the battery life to expect.