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Skin Cancer, Cosmetic, Wrinkle Reduction, Dermatology, Psoriasis, IPL, Beauty Therapist & Laser Rejuvenation
About Us

The PDT Skin Clinic team are passionate about repairing and protecting your skin. By combining their skills and knowledge in sun damage, skin cancer, cosmetology, molecular immunology, allergy and pharmacy they have created the PDT Skin Clinic to help in the management of all skin conditions.

Traditionally skin care has been the domain of the beauty and marketing industries. Negligible results and poor evidence of efficacy, poor value for money and marketing hype have all contributed to a shift inpatient thinking. As patients become more discerning and educated regarding their skin, they are increasingly demanding medically directed solutions for skin repair and management.

Our doctors believe that education is critical for patients to learn how to prevent skin damage they detect any damage that has occurred discuss any results or treatment necessary in our caring relaxed atmosphere while maintaining all professional standards required. The PDT Skin Clinic team believe only doctors have the expertise to provide medical skin management comprising diagnosis, treatment, repair, protection, education and monitoring thus maintaining vibrant and healthy skin.