About Us

The Pat Croke Furniture Store is a distillation of more than thirty years’ experience in furniture, home wares, gifts, artworks and artisan produced pieces of unique beauty. Where once we were a midsize group of stores,we are now a stand-alone experience destination with offerings that are perfect for our immediate area and our increasingly wider clientele. We in no way resemble an encounter with a chain group store. Our uniqueness allows us to offer pieces which cannot be replicated without the constraints of catering fora bulk market.

Our style continues to evolve as we increasingly incorporate the input of our team in choosing our pieces. As a one only store we are able to source fascinating items which can only be offered once. Our happy customers return frequently to search out the new and exciting. Our goal is to make our range as different as possible to the average furniture outlet, and the process of making your selection fun and satisfying.

A great deal of effort and thought goes into the selection of our product range. Our forward thinking team is immensely proud of the fact that every piece of our timber is either plantation grown, reclaimed or upcycled. In the case of our fruit wood pieces the trees have given us two gifts – their fruit and their slow growing, densely grained timber when their fruiting life is over. We think that is very cool.

Our skilled team is extremely carefully chosen. You can teach skills, but you cannot teach attitude. The attitude of our team is evident in the brilliant, caring way they execute their jobs. The have hung a precious new piece of wall art for an elderly customer who could not manage the job herself. That is just what our team is like.

 As part of our forward thinking about our range and ourselves, we also think it is important to think of our suppliers. We therefore support our Aussie Made factories to the greatest extent possible. Several suppliers have placed pieces on our floor in order to be part of the exciting vibe in the Pat Croke Furniture Store. You will see our little signs saying “We support Australian jobs – you can help too” on many of our big warranty items. Of course not everything is made in Australia and when we source globally, we only consider pieces made to high specifications with great backup, and we recognise that these producers need jobs too. 

You can find updates, latest arrivals and occasional clearance pieces from our offerings on Facebook or spend a rewarding hour or two visiting our store. We are open seven days a week and close only for important public holidays.