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We offer preventative medicine & vaccinations for your family's year-round health and well being. Ormond Medical Centre is a family orientated General Practice dedicated to high quality medical care and preventative medicine for all patients.

All practitioners in this clinic continually undergo extra training and professional development to maintain current medical knowledge and learn new treatment techniques.

About Us

All consultations and records are strictly confidential. This clinic is accredited (GPA Accreditation Plus), which is an official recognition of the high standards of this medical centre.

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Privacy & confidentiality

Preventative Medicine

Our doctors believe in the importance of preventative medicine. There are lots of different serious conditions that can be prevented or detected early.

Some important conditions and checks include:

> Women over 40 who have not had a mammogram in the last 2 years

> Women with a family history of breast cancer or lumps who have not had a recent breast examination

> Women between the age of 20 and 80 who have not had a pap smear in the last 2 years

> Women taking contraceptives who have not had a blood pressure check in the last 6 months

> Women at/near menopause to check appropriateness of Hormone Replacement Therapy

> Women with a family history of Osteoporosis

> Men over 40 who have not had a prostate check in the last 2 years


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Monday to Friday - 8:45AM to 6:45PM

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